Recycling of food waste is currently being tested in various residential areas in Bergen, including the underground waste system in Bergen city. Residents in housing units that are connected with this testproject will be able to use all food waste inlets with their key chip, the same one they use on other waste inlets in the underground system. Houseowners will receive a letter from BIR and residents in the pilot project will receive an SMS with information.


Paper bags and kitchen buckets

Studies have shown that microplastics are spread in fertilizers to agriculture, both from ordinary plastics and bioplastics. We do not want food waste from our food recycling to contribute to this and will therefore use paper bags for the food waste. These paper bags are specially made for food waste and can withstand a good deal of moisture. However, it is wise to avoid damp food waste such as wet coffee grounds, sauces and soups. This must in stead be disposed of in the residual waste. It is also important to have a kitchen bucket with good ventilation which means that the food waste dries up a bit and the risk of smell and other disadvantages is minimized.

Those who take part in the pilot project will receive a basket with air holes for the kitchen and a package of paper bags for food waste. 

The sorting equipment can also be picked up at the mobile recycling station. You can find more information about food waste collection in BIR here: (norwegian)

Here you can find the inlets for food waste: