BIR is Norway’s second largest waste management company and is responsible for waste handling from approximately 356.000 inhabitants in the municipalities owning BIR.

The company is one of Norway’s leading waste management companies and carries out waste handling in a modern, environmentally correct and cost efficient way. The company employs over 350 people and has an annual turnover in excess of NOK 667 million.

The following municipalities are the owners of BIR: Askøy, Bergen, Bjørnafjorden, Kvam, Osterøy, Samnanger og Vaksdal. 

BIR aims to own and manage companies carrying out the collection, transport and processing of consumer waste, as well as industrial, commercial and hazardous waste.

Our business
BIR is divided in two, one part is run as a monopoly, and the other operates in a competitive market.

For the collection and processing of household waste, the monopoly responsibility has been delegate to BIR by its owner municipalities. BIR’s fully owned subsidiary, BIR Nyverdi AS, is set up to carry out these tasks.

The part of BIR’s operation exposed to market competition, is allocated to other group subsidiaries: BIR Bedrift AS, BIR Husholdning AS, BIR Infrastruktur AS, BIR Nyverdi AS, BIR Ressurs AS. BIR also owns 49% of BKK Varme AS which produces and sells district heating, using waste energy from BIR’s incineration plant.

What we do
waste management is based on both home collection and delivery arrangements. Households have separate bins or containers at home. In addition, residents in BIRs municipalities can use a variety of return points for waste such as glass and metal.  They can also use recycling stations to bring their electric-, hazardous- and bulky waste. It is important to sort the waste correctly at home so that the waste it can be recycled into new products or energy.

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