This you can deliever free of charge for household customers:


Asbestos and and asbestos cement : Remains of asbestos sheets, ventilation ducts, porch boxes and the like. Note: Asbestos and asbestos cement must be tightly packed with transparent plastic upon delivery.

Hazardous waste: Residues from oil, chemicals and paint products, adhesives, solvents, batteries and pressure impregnated materials. As a household customer you can deliver up to 1000 kilos of hazardous waste at no cost per year. as a household customer.

Fire extinguishers: it must be delivered as hazardous waste. 

Styrofoam from construction work: Pipe insulation without asbestos and other Styrofoam used in construction contains brominated flame retardants and is defined as hazardous waste.

Vinyl floor coverings and skirting boards: Older floor coverings contain phthalates and are defined as hazardous waste.

Chlorinated paraffin windows: Insulating glass windows manufactured produced in the period 1975-1990. Note: 

PCB-containing windows: Insulating glass windows manufactured in the period 1965 -1975. Note: Fill in this form upon delivery.

Electrical waste: TVs, mobile phones, computer equipment, electrical kitchen equipment, light fixtures, fluorescent lamps, all light bulbs, heaters and other electrical and electronic equipment. Note: Electrical waste can also be delivered to dealers who sell similar electronics.

Paper, cardboard and beverage cartons: Newspapers, advertising, magazines, cartons, cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard.

Glass and metal packaging: Cans, aluminum foil, glass bottles, and sauce / jam jars.

Plastic packaging: clean plastic used for packaging, plastic bags and foil. 

Household appliances: Stoves, washing machines, refrigerators, fans, microwaves, etc.

Textiles / footwear: All second-hand clothing, shoes and textiles suitable for reuse can be delivered to UFF or Fretex containers at BIRs recycling stations.

Discarded boats: boats up to 15 feet (4.5 meters)



This can be delievered for a fee:


Car tires: sorted into two categories; with and without tire rims 

Garden waste: Grass, leavefs, roots and branches (NB! Exceptions are the recycling station in Møllendalsveien and the mobile recycling station)

Iron and metal: All types of objects that mainly consist of metal. Contact the staff if you are in doubt.

Soil and stone: Soil, stone, tableware, toilet, sinks, tiles without plaster, bricks, old masonry and concrete. (NB! This cannot be delivered to the mobile recycling station.)

Residual waste: waste that cannot be sorted into any of the other categories, e.g. plastic objects such as plastic buckets, carpets and Sstyrofoam. NB!, not food waste / organic waste.

Note: There is a sepaerate container for larger objects over 1 x 1 meter, such as broken furniture, insulation, etc.

Wood: All types of clean planks and material residues. Pressure impregnated wood is hazardous waste and must therefore be sorted in a separate container.

Oil tanks, empty: Tanks can only be delivered intact to the recycling station if it is certified as washed. If it is not, the tank must be cut into two pieces. Then it is no longer a tank and the requirement for certification lapses, however. But it must still be oil-free anyway.


 The recycling stations do not accept:

Asphalt: Is toMust be delivered to asphalt plants.

Oil tanks, full: full oil tanks that have not been emptied with the subsequent purity certificate must be delivered to an approved reception.

Car wrecks: Contact approved reception.

Explosives and ammunition: Contact the police for delivery.

Fireworks: Contact dealer for delivery.

Food waste: This also includes ordinary residual waste that contains food waste.

Medicines: Must be delivered to a pharmacy.

Radioactive material: Smoke detectors can be delivered to recycling stations. Contact the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority for delivery of other radioactive material.

Infectious waste: Must be delivered to an approved reception.

Syringes: Pack well, preferably in a plastic bottle, and put in the garbage bin at home.